White Metal Utensil Caddy

Published on 20 May 2023 at 08:36

White Metal Utensil Caddy

I was so tickled to be a part of the "Make all Things With Us" event! It's where crafters were asked to make a Hobby Lobby Dup!  So off to HL I went to see what I thought I could duplicate. Since y'all know it's hard for me to focus (SQUIRREL),  I saw this white metal utensil caddy that I wanted to purchase and so the light bulb 💡 went off and that's when I decided I would try to make it!  and I must say, I really like the way it turned out!


  • large can
  • white chalk paint 
  • white gloss spray paint
  • foam pouncer
  • black ink pad
  • small wooden blocks 
  • Hot glue
  • B7000
  • 2 wooden spoons
  • spare piece of wood
  • cardboard
  • scissors

That's quite the combination of items but you may already have most, if not all of them, hanging around your house!!

Add a little magic, imagination and craftiness... and wha-lah, you just made a cute white metal utensil caddy!

I also determined that you could use this for something else such as ... in your bathroom for beauty supplies or even in your craft room to hold all those beautiful brushes and gadgets galore you know we all have! 

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You can watch the replay I did over at of my live right here⬇️🔽⬇️🔽


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