Bicycle Yard Art

Published on 17 May 2023 at 20:25

You all know I love NAPKIN or RICE PAPER ART... but I also like to do other types of crafts too!  

For instance, we have had this old bicycle (NO, not a vintage bike, it was made to look old) had been wrecked a few times and was really beat up and was on it's way to the dump when RW said... "why don't you do your crafting magic to this old bike and let's put it along our driveway like the white one".... I was like... HECK YES!!!  So, I decided to spray paint it the prettiest color: OCEAN MIST! (see affiliated link below) 

Really, the instructions are pretty goober easy!  Grab a can of spray paint and spray away!!!!!!!!!!  I may go back tomorrow and add some polka dots (surprise, surprise)

I also had an old white bike along our driveway and it was time for a new coat of paint.... so, you will also see the white one in the photos as well.  I added the pink basket I found at a thrift store to the newly refreshed painted white bike, added some flowers in each basket, and now we have such a welcoming driveway for our family, guest and friends!

Such a great way to repurpose an old bike!  It was once an ugly brown/gold color... and by the magic of spray paint, it is now fresh and looks like summer!!!!

Link to the Rust-oleum Ocean Mist Spray Paint: 

Do you have any yard-art? If so, leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!!


Keep Shining, 


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Karen Broadwater
16 days ago

That's quite lovey!!!! ❤️ You sure are all inspiring!!!