Reverse Decoupage Cow Cutting Board

Published on 7 April 2023 at 22:27

I love doing a reverse decoupage cutting board! So much so, this is the 2nd one in my blog! It's such a fun way to show part of your personality! They are such a nice item to gift as well.

Have you ever tried to make one? If not, you should! And it's OK if you mess up the first couple of times, practice makes perfect.


  • Glass cutting board.
  • Mod podge
  • Napkin
  • Iron.
  • Parchment paper
  • White chalk paint
  • Brushes
  • Your imagination 

You can watch the replay of my tutorial below for all the details.

Be sure before you start, you clean your glass cutting board with alcohol. This just helps remove any dust or dirt for a smooth surface.

To begin, coat you're cutting board with mod podge. I use Matte mod podge.

Once this dries completely, lay your napkin on the cutting board.

Cover it with parchment paper, and proceed to iron on top of the parchment paper. I usually have my crafting iron on high.

Once you have completed this step, safely lift the parchment paper, and your napkin will be attached to your glass cutting board!

Once your napkin is ironed down, you will need to cover the entire back of the cutting board and napkin with a coat of MP. Let this dry completely before putting a coat of white chalk paint all over the back.

The reason you cover the back of the cutting board with mod podge is to make sure it is sealed completely, so no white chalk paint seeps through your napkin.

Let it dry and wha-la.... you have a beautiful piece to sit on your countertop or gift to someone.


Keep shining,


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