What do you drink?

Published on 29 March 2023 at 14:04

As silly as it sounds, I get asked a lot about what I am drinking during my lives!  And let's be honest, sometimes I just offer this un-useful piece of information to you! But here it is... It is Welch's Singles to Go Grape Drink Mix.... which I call KOOL-AID!  Hey, what can I say, I love the flavor, it's zero sugar, it's easy to open a pack and pour it into my favorite cup... and... It is a good source of Vitamin C!  It's a win-win for sure!  They have different flavors, which are pretty dang tasty, too!  But there is just something about this grape! 

 If I am not drinking this... I LOVE me some sweet tea!  Yep, I know that sweet tea is not zero sugar... but I am a southerner ... so it's kinda in my blood!

What is your favorite drink?

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