Published on 19 January 2023 at 00:35

Not sure why, but God just laid this on my heart.

Blessed. A simple word that says so much! My life hasn't always been rosey to say the least. But when I think about how my life has gone, I sit here and know that I am Blessed. Again, my life, like many of you, hasn't been the easiest, but I do not dwell on that. I look for the good in people. I look for the sunshine. You won't ever find me feeling sorry for myself. I am a child of God. So therefore, I am blessed! 

I made this "Blessed" craft last year and it sits atop of our refrigerator to always remind me how Blessed I am.

How'd I make it:

  • Paint Stirers
  • Chalk Paint
  • Stencil (Blessed)
  • wooden Crate
  • Mod Podge
  • Napkin (Rejoice in the Lotd)

May you always see the good in people. May you always feel the sunshine. And may you always feel BLESSED.

Keep shinin',


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Claudia Webb
2 months ago

Beautiful!!! Love your words & craft! Blessed is my word as well.

2 months ago

Thank you, Claudia! It's a great word, indeed!

2 months ago

Basically, life is trying to grab us with its dark, grubby fingers every chance it gets and we have to have something that shines a light for us, so we're not dragged under.
Art (any sort of art) is so, so important. Using our God given creative ability is a healing thing.
Listening to music and crafting is my light. This morning I was listening to one of my favourite CDs in the world( 'Lifesong" by Casting Crowns) while I was Mod Podging away ... and it felt like I was on a higher plane!
"Blessed" is one of my favourite words as well. When I saw the title of your blog, Kelly Clarkson's song "Blessed" started playing in my head! Beautiful song, with beautiful lyrics!
Hope you're all having a super blessed day!

2 months ago

Donna, isn't it the truth! When I'm feeling blue, an uplifting song can chase the blues away. Thankful God has me on this journey... I NEVER expected it, but I am embracing it!