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Published on 31 December 2022 at 15:05

I love crafting, don't you?


Here is a beautiful Christmas tray and ceramic coasters I made using our # L 7407 Clydesdale lunch size napkin for the tray and our Clydesdale beverage size B 4943 for the 2 ceramic coasters!


How'd you do that?

The Tray...

~ I first painted the bottom of the tray with White Chalk Paint.

~ I let it dry completed.

~ I added Mod Podge

~ I added the top layer of the napkin (you need to remove all plies before MP'ing it down, otherwise, you will get bubbles)

~ I then added some snow/glitter

~ I let it dry before spraying with Krylon Triple Gloss Spray

~ I also used the same White Chalk Paint to dab on the raised dots and around the edge of the platter!


 The ceramic coasters...

~ I took white 4 1/4 by 4 1/4 ceramic tile coasters

~ Put a coat of MP on it and let it dry completely!

~ Placed napkin down

~ Covered with Parchment Paper

~ Used an iron to seal the napkin to the MP/Coaster

~ After it dried, I used 3 coats of Krylon Triple Gloss Spray: letting it dry completely between each coat!


These were a Christmas gift for the dearest of friends!


Amazing all the things you can do with napkins!  


Keep Shining,



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Joy Sheffield
2 months ago

Becky I like seeing all your napkins , I can’t resist them. Your crafts are beautiful and I enjoy your videos so much , you always brighten my day